3 Fort Collins Date Night Ideas

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So you’ve got yourself a honey and you want to take them out. The only problem is you’re broke but you’re still trying to impress. Never fear, we’re here! Check out the following list of affordable, fun, and unique places in Fort Collins to take your shorty out: 3 Of Our Favorite Fort Collins Date Night Ideas Knock down the … Read More

What To Do When You Hate Your Roommate

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What To Do When You Hate Your Roommate

Loud music, constant guests, and a sink full of dirty dishes are just a few of the frustrating issues you might run into with your roommate. Living with someone else is hard and navigating this new social dynamic isn’t something they teach you in high school. If you’ve found yourself saddled with a roommate whose habits you hate or whose … Read More

Managing College Stress

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Managing College Stress

College life requires considerably more effort than high school. Here, there are no parents waking you up, no hallway monitors ensuring you get to class on time, and few teachers willing to offer plush extra-credit assignments to beef up your grades. The more demanding work and instructors are designed to keep you motivated and help you succeed here and in … Read More

4 Things to Do in Fort Collins During Winter Break

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Fall semester has come to an end and you’ve sent in your final report. You’re ready to step outside the library halls of CSU, but where to go? If this is your first winter in Fort Collins, then you might be wondering what’s there to do over winter break. The answer is, a ton! Fort Collins is renown for its … Read More

DIY Gifting

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diy gifts to make

Finding the right gift for family, friends, and roommates isn’t always easy. Nor is it always cheap. Gift giving is something of an art, an important art, but an art none the less. This is one of the reasons why we think DIY or handmade gifting is so great. Handmade gifts are personal and while they may or may not … Read More