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bike trails fort collins

You know what they say, location is everything and here at the Cottages of Fort Collins you’re certainly in a great location! We’re close to a ton of things like restaurants, parks, and the university itself. Of course, sometimes your feet likely itch and you want to go further than just a couple blocks. If you have a bike, one of the best activities here in Fort Collins is bike riding thanks to the outstanding bike trails we have. And the warm but cool September weather we get here in the foothills makes this an outstanding time to explore the outdoors! Check out the following favorites that are just a short distance away from the Cottages of Fort Collins:

Best Bike Trails Near the Cottages of Fort Collins

  • Poudre TrailThis is a 21-mile (10 miles within the city), fully paved trail that meanders alongside the gorgeous Poudre River. Once you jump onto it, you won’t have to deal with cars or cross traffic as it has underpasses for the major roadways. This is a gorgeous trail that really makes you feel like you’re outside of the city no matter which segment you do. If you don’t want to bike to the trail itself, there are plenty of parking spots along the way.
  • Spring Creek Trail. If you’ve brought your dog to our pet-friendly cottages and apartments, then you’ll want to check out this exciting (and paved) trail. The Spring Creek Trail passes through several city and dog-friendly parks that are perfect for play breaks. Small dogs can ride in baskets while mid-sized and larger dogs would probably love the exercise of biking alongside and riding in a bike trailer once tired. To get an idea on what you might expect, check out this YouTube video of the trail
  • Foothills Trail. This is the only unpaved bike trail on this list and so not a good choice for a road bike or bike with skinny tires. But it is great for those bicyclists who want something a bit more challenging and want a chance to see some wildlife. Note that because of how scenic and nicely maintained this trail is, it is also really popular so we recommend going during off-hours. Which is one of the benefits of a flexible student schedule!

Cottages at Fort Collins Makes Keeping Bikes Easy

It’s easy to take care of your bike when living at the Cottages of Fort Collins. We have plenty of onsite bike racks, including personal bike racks in front of several apartments. You may, however, feel more secure storing your bicycle upstairs or on an upper floor patio. Additionally, if you ever need any maintenance, whether a flat or full tune-up, you have three bike shops within just a couple blocks of your home.



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