March of the Irish: St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations

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st pattys day

It used to be that Fort Collins threw one of the best St. Paddy’s Day parades this side of the cornfields, with Irish-loving visitors coming from all over to take part in the weekend celebrations. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Fort Collins isn’t the sleepy little hamlet it once used to be and in recent years, the growing population and mounting celebrations … Read More

Get in on Fall Gardening

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fall gardening fort collins

Just because you live in an apartment means you have to give up on your green thumb. Here at the Cottages of Fort Collins, our residents have several great options for experimenting with vegetable and herb growing. Our first-floor apartments have large porches with plenty of sunlight while second-floor patios likewise have big patios. You can also talk to our … Read More

Stocking Up On Brain Foods

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brain food pantry

One of the best perks of living in the Cottages of Fort Collins is just how big the kitchen areas are. Every floorplan we offer here boasts a big kitchen with wraparound counters and state-of-the-art appliances. Why such a focus on kitchens? Because what you eat and drink has a major impact on how you feel and how your brain … Read More

Move-In Myths & Tips

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Fall courses at Colorado State start in mid-august. This means if you haven’t already done so, you’re probably about to pack up your things and move into your new apartment here at the Cottages. Whether you’re a freshman or a returning sophomore, you’ve probably had your share of lists and advice about moving back in. Sound about right? Well, how … Read More

Party Games for College Students

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college party games

If this is your first year in Fort Collins, then you may be surprised by the weather we get come June. June is both one of the hottest and wettest months of the year. This means both gorgeous swimming days and days when you’d much rather stay inside. For those latter days, one great hang out place is the Fort … Read More

Spring Grilling Tips

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spring grilling tips

The snow has melted and the weather is finally warm enough to start grilling and planning outdoor get-togethers. As a resident of the Cottages of Fort Collins, you’ll have access to the complex’s beautiful outdoor gathering areas featuring lounge chairs, fire pits, and, arguably most important of all, grills. But before you head down and fire the machines up, make … Read More

Shopping & Cooking for One

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Each of the residences at the Cottages of Fort Collins boasts outstanding modern kitchens that are sure to inspire new cooking concoctions. Our rooms feature new and upgraded appliances, ample counter spaces, and plenty of room for you to move about to mix, bake, and create delicious culinary treats. Of course, if you are new to cooking, planning out meals … Read More

Join the Onsite Zumba Class

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As part of your residency at The Cottages of Fort Collins, you enjoy full access to the onsite multi-purpose exercise room. This room boasts a variety of equipment including spin bikes and medicine balls. It’s also where skilled instructors host and lead a variety of fitness classes, including regular Zumba sessions. Zumba is a fun dance-based fitness class that started in … Read More

What To Do When You Hate Your Roommate

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What To Do When You Hate Your Roommate

Loud music, constant guests, and a sink full of dirty dishes are just a few of the frustrating issues you might run into with your roommate. Living with someone else is hard and navigating this new social dynamic isn’t something they teach you in high school. If you’ve found yourself saddled with a roommate whose habits you hate or whose … Read More