5 Ghoulish Halloween Food Ideas

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5 Ghoulish Food Ideas for Halloween

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or going to a Halloween party, providing some tasty season-themed treats will always be welcome. You can have all the costumes, music, and games, but the real hero of the night is going to be the one who brings the food. After all, partying works up an appetite! The following is a quick look at a few of our favorite ghoulish treats that are sure to please party-goers and are easy to cook up in your Cottages’ apartment kitchen:

5 Ghoulish Halloween Food Ideas

  1. Stuffed Mushroom Eyeballs. Need something quick and easy? Then you’ll love this five-ingredient finger food. The recipe requires a package of large button mushrooms, cream cheese, white cheddar cheese, pimento stuffed olives, and garlic powder. Combine these together with an artistic touch and you get detached eyeballs that are fun and tasty to pop in your mouth. If you aren’t a fan of mushrooms, you could also do this with cherry tomatoes or mini sweet peppers.
  2. 3D Ghost Cookies. Want to bake up something a touch sweeter? This Ghost Cookie recipe is great because it allows for a lot of flexibility. You can keep things easy by using prepacked cookie dough or you can start from scratch with your favorite family recipe. The important part is the finishing touch of allowing marshmallows to partially melt atop the cookies and decorating them with black frosting.
  3. Mummy Pizza. Pimento stuffed olives seem to be just the perfect eyeball accessory for Halloween treats. This recipe uses the stone fruit as mummy eyes peeking through wraps of shredded cheese. While slices of French bread serve as the base here, you can also opt for bagel halves or small circles of baked pizza dough.
  4. Mummy Hot Dogs. Prefer to have some meat in your dinner party? Like the Mummy Pizzas, this recipe is based on wrapped up bodies, but here the body is the hot dog (or sausage) and the wrapping is flaky dough.
  5. Zombie Brain Cheese Ball. This is a cool side dish and appetizer you can get really creative with. You’ll need to sculpt the cheese ball’s top to give it that brain-y look. Be generous with the sun-dried tomato sauce for maximum blood and guts effects. The final garnish of two dots of mustard for eyes nicely brings it all together.

Now Grab Your Apron and Then Don Your Costume!

There’s sure to be something in this arsenal of Halloween treats to entice you so grab that apron and have fun setting up the best Halloween party. Now all you’ll have left is putting those final touches on your costume and calling in your friends. Happy Halloween!

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