Safe Winter Driving Tips for New Fort Collins Students

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winter driving tips

As we’ve noted before, new students to the Fort Collins area should have waited a semester or two before bringing a vehicle to their Cottages apartment. That’s because public transporation here is free for students, many things are just a short walk or bike ride away, and you can save so much money by forgoing a car. That said, when this region of Colorado gets cold and snowy winters, the last thing you might want to do is wait outside in the freeze. So if you do decide to bring your car on campus and plan on taking some road trips during the witner weekends, just note that this is the most dangerous season for driving. Stay safe with the following winter driving tips:

Safe Winter Driving Tips for New Fort Collins Students

  • Know the Winter Road Laws. During inclement weather, the CDOT may implement the Traction Law. Once implemented, all motorists are required to either have snow tires, tire with mud/snow designation, or a four-wheel-drive vehicle on which every tire there is a minimum of one-eight inch tread. During really bad weather, the CDOT may implement the Passenger Vehicle Chain Law. Once implemented, every vehicle on the road must have either chains or alternative traction device. Failure to comply can result in fines up to $650.
  • Pack a Winter Survival Kit. Having a car break down or get stuck on a rural Fort Collins road can be a nightmare. Stay safe this winter and pack a winter survival kit that includes an ice scraper, snow shovel, salt, and sand or kitty litter that can be put on the road if you need extra traction. Additionally, aim to have your gas tank always at least half full and replace your windshield wipers if needed.
  • Drive Smart and Slow. Driving on icy and snowy roads requires a special type of precaution. Accelerate and deaccelerate slowly to prevent your tires from slipping on slick roads. Drive a couple miles below the speed limit and aim to stay about 10 seconds behind the car immediately in front of you. And, as always, never drive when you’re sick, fatigued, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol as all of these conditions severely impair your ability to react appropriately in the event of a potential collision.

Have Fun & Stay Safe!

The Rockies during winter are a gorgeous sight, especially when covered with a fresh blanket of snow. So go on and get out there and experience your beautiful new surroundings — just keep the following driving safety tips in mind while doing so!

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